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Blast from the past

June 29, 2010

For whatever reason, a friend of mine happened to be reading the online archives of Caucus, the uOttawa political science magazine. We are fairly recently acquainted, so he’s never really known me with an appearance other than my present one, not that I have ever done anything to radically alter it.

He sent me a link to the Winter 2007 issue with the message: “You should grow your hair long again.” I disagree, but I was nonetheless surprised to find he had found my image next to a response I provided to a student journalist in a random on-campus survey. The last page of the magazine always featured student responses to political questions. In this instance, the question (in French) was “What do you think of when you hear the word revolution?” I had completely forgotten about that day.

The moral of the story is that once something is online, it will never go away. This instance was harmless and somewhat entertaining as it conjured up fond memories, but it reminded me to always keep in mind that whenever you consent to have something published on the internet, it may come back to you later. Because look at that: it’s me in 2007.


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