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Snarky optimism 365 days a year!

June 1, 2010

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of a human being to elevate their life by conscious endeavor.” – Thoreau

Sifting through my RSS feeds recently, it became quite obvious to me that I have an interest in personal development blogs. I am not talking about life coaching blogs or blogs designed to help you live a happier, healthier, more productive-organic-whole-wheat-yoga-green-tea-bythewayIwantyourmoney lifestyle.

I am talking about the personal blogs of individuals who are doing something interesting in their spare time. I am talking about communities coming together around lifestyle projects, or activities they do for the sheer joy of it. I’m talking about things like Project 365 or Words and Grapes.

I read about projects such as these and I get envious. I get envious because I too have personal developmental projects on the go that I pursue in my spare time (more on that later), but until today I wasn’t blogging about them. And I love to write – hence the envy. So when people I admire join in on Project 365… I want to play too!

Truth be told, I already have a blog. It is a good blog and I am not replacing it with this one, nor am I diverting any attention from it. In fact it was partially taking my own advice that lead me to start this little project. At The Snarky Optimist I write about things related to professional development and the workplace. The problem is that I can really only post about half of the writing I do in personal time to that blog. A large part of my work just doesn’t pertain to the professional focus.

I am uncomfortable with the idea of dividing the personal and professional selves. I am the same person whether I am at work or at home, and I believe work/life balance is about accommodating that. However, I also like my other blog too much to widen its scope beyond what it is already. I feel that would undermine its purpose and my enthusiasm.

Now we have Snarky 365, where I can post writing as the ever-growing person I am every day of the year. More or less, this blog serves as overflow to accommodate things that don’t really belong on The Snarky Optimist.

So what am I going to blog about?

  • Reading. I will share my thoughts on the books I read as I go through them. I am polishing off my undergraduate degree in English Literature, and once I am finished in the autumn I intend to read my way through Yann Martel’s What is Stephen Harper Reading? list (though I’ve read quite a few already on my own), and then Time Magazine’s 100 Best English-language novels written after 1923 (in which I’ve already made a significant dent). As well, I will throw in some other books along the way based on recommendations.
  • Writing. I am an occasional creative writer, so every once in a while you will see my poetry, prose, short stories or essays.
  • Links, music, quotes and other fun things. Just because.

Wish me luck and welcome aboard!

Image credit: This photo was taken by JMSchnied. I chose to use it because it was the Wikimedia Commons photo of the day, and seemed to be a relevant symbol of continuity as Ginkgo is a living fossil. And it’s pretty.


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